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Forestry Tour FAQs

Where will I be picked up and dropped off?
For the "Evening Out" tour - Your guide, Mark, and the bus driver will pick up at 6:00 pm at the Civic Centre and then drop off at the various hotels on conclusion of the tour. For the Day Long tours - Your guide, Mark, and the bus driver will pick up and drop off at the various hotels.  Please specify on the registration form which hotel you are staying at. We will notify all registrants of pickup times prior to the tour day.

What type of transportation is used?
Travel for most tours will be in highway coach buses.  These vehicles are air conditioned, washroom equipped and comfortable, with radio communications and safety equipment for travel on Industrial Roads. For the "Evening Out" tour we will be using a smaller shuttle bus.

Will the Coach provide transportation between locations during the day?
Basically, the coach becomes your home-away-from-home for the day.  You can leave your personal stuff, jackets, etc. on it as appropriate for each stop.  For day long trips - we have lunch, snacks, reading materials and even some Forest-related DVD’s to use during longer transportation legs.

How difficult is the tour?
The tour is easy.  We are walking short distances in the forest so the surface is often not smooth.  None of the walks are more than 10 minutes from the bus.

What is the recommended footwear and clothing?
We generally have good amounts of sunshine but be prepared for rapid changes in higher altitudes. Please dress in layers and bring suitable rain protection.  We recommend closed flat soled shoes (boots, if it’s raining) and long pants. 

Will we be signing a waiver?
Yes, we do require a signed waiver from all participants which we will hand out on the bus. 

Anything else?
Bring your smile, bug spray, sun screen, binoculars, and camera as you simply won’t believe your eyes!


“See the Forest and the Trees with our Guided Forestry Tours”

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