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Testimonials and Clients

VSV Frakt AB, a Swedish Truck Loggers company, stopped in Prince George as part of a provincial tour.  Northwood Inc, a large local forest products producer, hosted their stay.  Northwood retained our company to organize a field trip of field operations.  The group of 40 Swedish truck loggers was shown active logging and tree planting sites in detail.  We also looked at the native forest, inspecting soils and the biogeoclimatic classifications system used here in BC.  During lunch at a Provincial Park, we discussed the land use planning issues of the area.  Having been a member of the Land and Resource Management Planning team for 2 years, I could provide good insight into how and why the park had been created.  After a quick look at some in-stream fisheries projects, we returned to Prince George.  As we traveled into town, some members of the group asked if we could visit a Log Truck dealership.  While not part of the original itinerary, I “made a few calls” to some friends at the Inland Kenworth dealership.  They were able to host the group in a long look thru their shop and parts department, and at the latest in trucking technology.  

Here are some of the comments we received from tour participants:

“Complete new view of the industry.  Very impressed with the production.” Ralph C.

“I can (now) respect how intricate and complex the issue (forestry) is.” Mike H.

"…can see industry is trying to keep trees growing-not just taking.” Claudette C.

"Amazed at the technological aspects of the machinery.  Good to learn of the planning, inspection, and plots before logging begins.” William K.



From Jack Hays, General Manager Vavenby Operations

Mark put a helicopter tour package together for me in 2001. The tour was for a major customer of ours and I was really pleased with the package. The suggested tours stops worked out great, they were interesting and provided the environment to talk about the current issues facing our organization at that time. Mark provided a take away package to help reinforce the key messages and to help remind our customer where we went and what he saw. It was a really good package.

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